Quotation Mark

We aim to produce collaborative and sustainable digital humanities projects, with an emphasis on the African diaspora and continent, that are open and accessible to researchers, students, and the general public.

Founded in 1997, Matrix: Center for Digital Humanities & Social Sciences is an internationally recognized and respected research center at Michigan State University. We work with museums, libraries, archives, and world heritage sites to digitize, preserve, and provide access to collections of cultural and historical materials. We collaborate with scholars, practitioners, educators, institutions, and local community members to create tools and digital experiences that engage researchers, students, and the public in critical questions about our collective past, culture, and heritage. We leverage, adapt, and build software and services that enable meaningful analysis and interpretation of cultural and historical data and content in new and innovative ways. We work to build digital skills and capacity among students and scholars, as well as critical technical infrastructures for communities and institutions. While we have a long history of working with a diverse array of partners, we have a deep commitment to working with African scholars and institutions on projects relating to African history and culture.

We embrace thoughtful openness, prize meaningful research and learning, value public and community engagement, and are deeply committed to equitable collaboration and social justice. Our work seeks to transform the human experience by enabling innovative research, preserving endangered cultural heritage, and providing broad public access to cultural and historical materials.