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"Synopsis of a letter from Mr. Snow"

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(10 April 1841): 112

PDFs courtesy of Elsevier, via Health Sciences Center Library, Emory University. Included are Mr. Rees' letter to the editor, "On a peculiar deformity of the chest in infants," Lancet 1 (3 April 1841): 44-46, and the Lancet editor's synopsis of Snow's reply, transcribed below.

To Correspondents.

Mr. John Snow, of 54, Frith Street, Soho, wishes Mr. Rees to be informed, with reference to the letter in the Lancet of April 3rd, that the report of Mr. Snow's paper, "On some deformities of the chest and spine in children," in the Lancet for March 20th, although very correct so far as it goes (excepting, indeed, the title), does not contain the whole of his paper. In that communication itself, Mr. Snow says that he "referred to Mr. Rees's letter, in the Medical Gazette," and gave his reasons for differing from Mr. Rees's opinions; one of which reasons was, the absence in his (Mr. Snow's) cases of the disease of the lungs, to which Mr. Rees attributes the deformity [see p. 115].

The unimportant alteration in Mr. Geo. A. Rees's letter [of 3 April, presumably] could not be made, because it was not handed to us in time for the change.

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